The Nire Valley Walking Festival based in the heart of the Comeragh Mountains, Waterford, Ireland.

2015 Nire Valley Drop - Sun 25th Oct.

Sunday 25th October 2015. Ballymacarbry Co. Waterford.  

There are few places where you encounter nature in the raw. There are even fewer places where you and your bike can challenge nature knowing if you don't tame nature it will tame you. In years to come when all is forgotten the whisper of the words "Nire Valley Drop" will get your adrenaline pumping as you smile and say "I was there too".

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 Our video of last years event.

The Nire Valley where we do it in the wild.......

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  • Where?Ballmacarbry, Waterford, Ireland.
  • When? Sunday October 25th 2015.
  • What is it?The Nire Valley Drop is an off road cross country cycle challenge, up hill and down hill, crossing forestry and moorland.
  • How much?€35.00
  • Is it a fundraiser? Haven for Haiti and development of local football pitch.
  •  Can I register online? YES TBA.  
  • Where do I sign in? Ballymacarbry Hostel and Community Centre.
  • Where does the cycle leave from?The cycle leaves from Ballymacarbry Hostel and Community Centre at 11am.
  • How to I get there for Dublin?Allow 3hrs from the Red Cow. Take the M8 (to Cork) and come off at Cahir junction 10. Take the Waterford, Clonmel road after that, when you arrive in Clonmel head for Dungarvan, Ballymacarbry is 10 miles from Clonmel.
  • What do I need to bring?The cyclists will need to bring a helmet, 2 tubes, change of clothes, cycling gloves, a small first aid kit and a bike suitable for tough terrain. Please note: Cyclists with no helmet will not be permitted to partake in the Nire Valley Drop.
  • Do I need cycling experience?Anyone can take part but it will be an added advantage to have road cycling experience. The track is challenging in parts but thoroughly enjoyable.
  • How long is the trail?There are two options; 20km and 55 km.
  • What if I choose the 55km and change my mind?There will be "Cut-outs" on the 55km course, this means you could go on the 55k course and then short circuit a leg and thus ride 30k instead. We have about 4 cut-outs. We will have maps on the day, and advise from locals.
  • What happens after the cycle?There will be soup and brown bread available at the Community Centre after the cycle. Tea and coffee will also be available.
  • Are there showers?Hot showers are available.
  • Is there an age limit? Yes - you must be 18 or over.


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"I took part whilst visiting family in Ireland, it was a great day, everyone was really helpful and encouraging.Also the catering and helpers at the end of the ride where brilliant. Fantastic event wonderful atmosphere, hope to be back next year and go a bit quicker." P.L  UK.

  • The 2015 Nire Valley Drop  course details will be announced later, but if you want to be on our mailing list email us  at :-

Down not out

Report on the 2014 Nire Valley Drop.

The atmosphere at Boolabrien had to be seen to be believed. Spectators had mountain bikes to the right of them, mountain bikes to the left of them, marshals in fluorescent yellow viz-vests guided mud strewn bikes and cyclists over hums, bumps and water filled hollows, while whistles and bells announced the arrival of another bike to the Coffin Drop, it was a sight to behold of man, woman and bike against mud, water and rocks.The running of the second annual Nire Valley Drop was a major success, 190 mountain bikes and their cyclists to part in this Raw Mountain Biking event. At the start many of the cyclists felt that 40km might be a little short, by the time they arrived back three hours later they had a different opinion of just how tough 40km could be. The Nire Valley Drop has 19 drops or runs, each with its own name, we had drops, like, Coffin drop, Cannon ball drop, Tear drop, Haven Drop and the toughest of them all Chicken George Run.

NVD 2013 in Numbers

The 2014 Nire Valley Drop in numbers.

40 Stewarts.
4 course marshals.
3 registration.
1 DJ.
2 photo quads.
1 ambulance & crew of 4.
1para medic on quad.
9 radios.
1 base station. 
15 catering.
1 Garda. 
1 broom quad.
2 quad marshals.
1 food van & crew of 2.

And most important
190 cyclists 
And a whole load of fun.


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 Nire Valley Drop.

Nire Valley Drop Sunday 30th October 2016 .

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